Product Spotlight: Lemanco Dry Bulk Storage

Kearney, NE - Chief's Lemanco product line has provided storage for thousands of customers around the world for over 50 years. We are proud to design and manufacture a product in the market that our customers can trust to provide the best investment for their company's operational needs.  Chief provides unparalleled attention that takes place well before the sale to the final stage of construction. We specialize in product knowledge and customer service which is a couple of reasons why our Lemanco product line deserves this month's product spotlight.

Since the acquisition of Lemanco in 2005, Chief has made vast improvements in the design, strength and durability of the product while maintaining the integrity and design features of the Lemanco Product.

This process started with a simple question, how can Chief make the product better for the customer and reduce the cost in the process?

The Chief Team made the following changes and improvements to the Lemanco Product:

  • Change the material from commercial quality (36ksi and G90) to the standard material used in the Chief Grain Bins (55ksi and G115). This change improved the strength and durability of the product by using Chief standard material and lowered the cost of stocking different material and utilized the purchasing power of Chief by purchasing in coil form.
  • To make the construction of the Lemanco Bins totally galvanized on the interior. Again, using the standard galvanized material utilized at Chief, this improved the strength and durability of the product.
  • Improved the design of the Lemanco bin components to reduce the number of pieces that have to be assembled in the field and reduce the manufacturing cost. This design change reduced the cost to the customer, not only in cost of the product but also in the assembly cost. 
  •  Improve the design of the horizontal stiffeners from a channel profile to a self-cleaning sloped profile. This design change improved durability of the part and made the Lemanco product cleaner in the field.
  • Changed the roof design from painted roof deck, manways and spout inlets to all galvanized construction. This improved the durability and extended the life of the roof.
  • Designed a bolt together hopper, which allowed Chief to service our International customer with all our bin sizes. This allowed the customer to easily assembly the hoppers at the job site. 

"I have been with the Lemanco Product line for almost 27 years and Chief has made more improvements in the last 10 years than in the 17 previous years combined. Chief is committed to providing a quality product at the most economical cost to the customer," said Chief's Lemanco Product Manager Paul Allen.

The Lemanco systems are ideal for storing feed ingredients, grains, aggregates, fertilizers and most dry bulk materials. 

 Chief Lemanco storage systems can be designed to meet equipment loading requirements either above the bin roof or on the mezzanine floors in the main support structure. 

For more information on our Lemanco Bulk Storage Systems and all of our other Grain Storage Management product lines, click here.

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