Pre-Harvest Checklist

Check, check, check it off!

It's finally here, your pre-harvest checklist. Harvest will be underway in the next week and in some cases has already started. It's important to make sure your storage and handling equipment is in top shape so that it can continue to provide you years of hassle-free use! 

Here are some quick and simple ways to stay on top of pre-harvest maintenance this year:

Equipment maintenance

Preventive maintenance and cleaning may take a little extra time and sweat but will go a long way in keeping your storage, handling, and drying equipment in working condition throughout the harvest season and can give you an idea of the spare parts or repairs you will need. Sanitize the equipment inside and out by powerwashing as well as removing debri from high heat equipment such as fans, heaters, and dryers.Check oil levels and grease the bearings on your equipment throughout the year to ensure optimal use. 

Keep in touch with your equipment suppliers

Suppliers are a direct source of information for your grain management needs. Keep your supplier representatives contact information close by in case the unexpected occurs. Also, pay attention to the date of the manuals or product specification sheets you are using and ask your equipment supplier where you can locate the updated literature.

Safety auditing

A safety walk through is one the best ways you can protect yourself, your employees and your company from injury. Make sure your employees are updated on all of the safety hazards that happen in your line of work. It's important that all safety tags and stickers are located on the bin, handling, and drying equipment. Avoid entering a grain bin while it is full of grain and consider applying more safety guards onto your equipment. Safety equipment should be inspected each year to ensure tightness and functionability.