CHIEF - How We Got Our Name


ESTABLISHED:  1954  -  KEARNEY,NE  -  800-359-7600  -  WWW.AGRI.CHIEFIND.COM

Company names have a way of changing over time.  Chief Industries in Kearney, NE, for example, began in 1954 as Eihusen Construction after its founder Virgil Eihusen.  After becoming a dealer in grain storage for Big Chief of Kansas and being denied a request to expand his territory, Eihusen opened his own shop in 1959 under the name Big Chief of Nebraska.

In November 1968, the company name was changed to Chief, Industries, Inc. and since then has grown into a diverse corporation with a global presence serving a number of industries, including grain and feed, commercial construction, ethanol production, metal building systems, wastewater treatment, manufactured housing and metal fabrication.

Eihusen’s grandson, D.J., now the company’s chairman and CEO, says this name now is more relevant than ever. 

“The word ‘Chief’ signifies leaders.  We aspire to be a leader in all the business where we are involved.  We believe our name symbolizes who we are and what we strive to achieve.”

Through its Chief Agri Division, founded in 1961, the company’s product lineup includes:

  • Storage:  Farm and commercial bins, commercial bins, commercial hopper tanks, and Lemanco modular bin systems.
  • Material handlingBucket elevators, drag and incline conveyors, catwalks, support towers, and truck probes.
  • DryersContinuous mix-flow Chief commercial and Caldwell dryers.
  • Caldwell grain conditioning and aeration systemsAxial and centrifugal fans, heaters and transitions, floors, vents, roof exhausters, and ducting.