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Trust the ALL-ELECTRIC Chief CS90 Truck Probe for reliable samples and ease of use!

Chief CS90 Truck ProbeFor accuracy, dependability, and ease of installation, turn to the ALL-ELECTRIC Chief CS90 Truck Probe! It is fully compliant with standards set forth by ISO-13690, assuring you of obtaining samples that reliably represent the quality and condition of the entire load.

The Chief CS90 Truck Probe is the safe solution.

Ideal for commercial grain elevators with large material storage capabilities, the Chief CS90 truck probe features automatic sampling, eliminating many of the health and safety risks associated with manual sampling.

Thanks to its versatility, it can also be used by

  • Grain Dealers
  • Seed Dealers
  • Feed Mills
  • Bulk Powder Producers
  • Chief CS90 Truck Probe Full ViewBreweries and Distillers
  • Pet Food Manufacturers
  • Bulk Material Processors
  • and Many More

CS90 grain probe headUse the Chief CS90 Truck Probe to assess the quality and condition of:

  • Dry Powders
  • Milled Products
  • Seeds
  • Cereals
  • Corn or Beans
  • Animal Feed Pellets
  • and Many More

Chief CS90 Truck Probe provides reliable samplings:

CS90 grain probe SpearThe patented spear design defies gravity to obtain samples from the very bottom of the load, thus assuring a truly representative assessment of the load's quality and condition. Also included with Bottom Load Detection, the CS90 prevents damage to the spear and the trailer floor or tarp.

Features that make the difference.

Range of Motion: A 350º extendable rotating arm allows for random sampling patterns to help detect mixed loads. Designed with a Friction Wheel Rotation Mechanism, to prevent damage if vehicle moves during sampling.

Adjustable: With its airflow assisted gravity fed design, variable volumes of samples are possible by adjusting the spear aperture.

Simple: Samples from programmable locations, are automatically transported to a Sample Reception Chamber where they are instantly viewed through a transparent viewing tube.

CS90 Spear
Range of Motion: CS90 Spear

Adjustable Aperture
Adjustable Aperture
Reception Chamber
Reception Chamber

cs90 ControlsUser Friendly Controls: The lightweight and easy-to-use Joystick Control Unit allows for safer and more efficient operation. Pre-programmable positions (3,5,8) to allow for automatic or manual operations.

Truck ProbeOptions: Video Surveillance and Traffic Light Indicators, are available options to suit your operational needs.


The Chief CS90 Truck Probe is manufactured to high quality standards for excellent performance and durability.

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