Temporary Grain Storage

Maximum flexibility during harvest!

At Chief Agri we are dedicated to providing competitive product options, no matter what the changes in the market may be.  With that in mind we produce not just 1 but 3 temporary storage solutions!  

Chief Bleacher Style Retaining Walls

Bleacher Style Temporary Storage

Two Styles Available:

  • Vented with perforated screen below the tarp support tube and nail board
  • Non-vented with nail board only available on 1 & 2 wall sheet models
  • Full perforation option on 4' panels

 Available in three heights: 

  • 1 wall sheet 4’ (1.2 m)
  • 2 wall sheets 7'2" (2.3 m)
  • 3 wall sheets 10’6” (3.2 m) 

 Paired with the best:

  • Caldwell 24" axial fans (5hp, 7.5hp & 10hp)
(above heights are for the vented option)


Wall sheets are made with 70ksi (483 MPa) Tensile Strength and G115 (Z350) Galvanized Coating, same material and corrugation as Chief grain bins.

Tarp access walkway included with the 2 and 3 sheet versions to meet OSHA requirements

Tarp support tube is standard on 3 sheet models and optional on the 1 and 2 sheet models

Wall sections are available with bolt in aeration transitions, eliminating the need to cut or weld in during erection

Aeration screen standard on 3 sheet models

Walls are factory preassembled for rapid field erection

Support structure is hot dipped galvanized

Wall sections ship fully assembled from the factory

Bleacher style temporary storage retaining walls include ground stakes for secure installation

Chief temporary storage retaining walls are built for strength and durability and require minimal time for setup and installation. 

Chief Ring Style Retaining Walls

This temporary grain storage solution features: Ring Style Temporary Storage

  • Sheets made from the same high strength steel used on commercial grain bins.
  • Diameter options from 30'-11" to 105'-2" (9.42m to 32.05m).
  • Available in 1 and 2 ring models
  • Capacities from 3,944 bushels to 119,074 bushels
  • Ground stakes included for secure installation

Chief Permanent Gound Pile System

This temporary grain storage solution features: Permanent Ground Pile

  • Sheets made from the same high strength steel used on commercial grain bins.
  • Various sizes available - including 1.5 Million bushel capacity
  • Continuous eave platform included
  • Equipment drive through door
  • Tarp support tube standard
  • Easy bolt in aeration system

For a quote and additional information on a permanent ground pile system please contact Chief Agri!