In a testament to their unwavering commitment to workplace safety, Chief Agri has been honored with the Safety Leader Award for the third consecutive year. This award reaffirms Chief Agri’s reputation for outstanding safety practices within the agricultural manufacturing sector. When it comes to safety, Chief Agri is consistently well below the industry DART (Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred) rate, highlighting their dedication to maintaining a safe work environment.

“At Chief Agri, workplace safety is always the #1 top priority. I’m very proud the Chief Agri team has won the ‘Safety Leader’ award 3 years in a row and 5 out of the last 6 years. We have an incredibly strong safety culture with all employees empowered to work in a safe environment,” remarked President and General Manager, Mark Kjar, reflecting on the company’s achievement.

Rather than resting on their laurels, Chief Agri remains proactive in their approach to safety. Operations Manager Mike Henderson elaborates, “Staying consistent with what was already in place, we actively engage in discussions about incidents and near misses to learn how to move forward and avoid repeating mistakes. We promote the voice of safety.”

Integral to Chief Agri’s safety success is their commitment to instilling safety from day one. “Training starts from the time that a new hire walks in the door and continues as they grow with the company,” states Kjar.

Moreover, Chief Agri’s commitment to safety is reinforced through strategic investments in cutting-edge safety equipment and technology. By embracing innovations that enhance workplace safety, the company mitigates risks and fosters a culture of continuous improvement. “Investments have come in the form of new machinery and equipment with better safety features,” Henderson explains. “We utilize the feedback from employees to update and improve safety features to meet the changing demands of production and design.”

Crucially, Chief Agri emphasizes the importance of employee involvement in maintaining a safe workplace. “Employee involvement is the driving factor of our success,” affirms Kjar. “Everyone is given a voice in safety and has the ability to stop production, if needed, to correct a safety issue.” This inclusive approach extends to the Safety Committee, a rotating group of employees tasked with hands-on oversight of plant safety.

As Chief Agri celebrates their latest safety award, they remain steadfast in their commitment to continuous improvement. “Through constant feedback from employees and a strong working relationship with the maintenance crew, we continuously assess and enhance our safety practices,” states Safety Manager James Jones.

Reflecting on their journey to safety excellence, Kjar highlights the collective effort required for a safe work environment. “It takes every team member to prioritize safety, and we’re incredibly proud of our team and their unwavering commitment,” he emphasizes. “By ensuring everyone has a voice in safety and holding all to the same level of accountability, we’ve created an environment where safety is paramount. Keeping our team educated and informed empowers us all to maintain our commitment to safety.”

With their steadfast commitment to safety, Chief Agri sets a commendable example of how dedication, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence can transform workplace safety from a goal into a reality.