In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, efficiency and innovation are key to success. Chief Agri, a leading provider of grain storage and handling solutions, recently collaborated with GroffJulius on a remarkable project in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. This project not only demonstrated Chief Agri’s commitment to delivering top-tier solutions, but also showcased their ability to work closely with their dealers to meet and exceed their goals.

The Chambersburg project was a grain storage expansion initiative consisting of two new 30-foot wet bins, one 37-foot storage bin, a receiving drag conveyor and two bucket elevators. It aimed to install a separate grain-handling, conditioning and storage system at the customer’s site. The following details delve into the significance of this project.

Customer relationship: A collaborative journey

The collaboration between GroffJulius and the customer, Risser Grain, came about as a result of the latter’s desire to complete a turnkey expansion, encompassing everything from permitting to start-up. Risser Grain sought out GroffJulius for their expertise in handling such complex projects.

GroffJulius, in turn, chose Chief Agri as their preferred equipment provider after reviewing the benefits, relationship and value that Chief equipment could bring to the project. This strategic decision laid the foundation for a successful partnership.

Solution design and implementation: Chief Agri’s contributions

Chief Agri played a pivotal role in this project. They provided two bucket elevators, three grain storage bins and a receiving drag conveyor. These components were integral to the efficient handling, conditioning and storage of grain on the site.

Notably, the absence of significant installation challenges in this project underscored the expertise and precision of the teams involved.

Project execution: Timely completion and success

The project timeline, from the receipt of permits in April to its completion by the end of August, was impressive. This swift execution was made possible by Chief Agri’s commitment to meeting delivery windows for all equipment, ensuring the project stayed on budget and schedule.

Risser Grain expressed immense satisfaction with the project’s outcome. The efficient execution of the project not only met but exceeded their expectations. Completing the project one month ahead of schedule allowed for ample preparation time leading up to the 2023 harvest season.

Impact and benefits: A win-win for all

Risser Grain reaped substantial benefits from this project, gaining additional handling, conditioning and storage capacity — vital assets in the agricultural sector where efficiency can make all the difference.

Lessons learned: Future collaboration

While there were no significant challenges faced during the Chambersburg project, the experience reinforced the importance of collaboration, efficiency and meeting delivery windows in complex agricultural endeavors.

Looking ahead, GroffJulius and Chief Agri are already gearing up for another collaboration with Risser Grain. They are in the process of building a 60-foot Chief bin for another facility, underscoring the trust and confidence that Risser Grain has in GroffJulius and Chief Agri’s solutions.

Testimonials and quotes: A lasting partnership

In the words of GroffJulius, “Chief Agri was a fantastic partner on this commercial grain project. We were able to source all the grain handling and storage equipment from Chief, and they met tight delivery windows to help bring this to a reality. We enjoy the relationship and look forward to many future projects with Chief Agri.”

It’s worth noting that GroffJulius, the driving force behind this successful collaboration, is known for their dedication to excellence in the agricultural sector. More information about GroffJulius and their impressive portfolio of projects can be found on their website at

As Chief Agri continues to deliver innovative solutions and build lasting partnerships in the agricultural industry, the Chambersburg project serves as a shining example of their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. This success story not only underscores the efficiency of Chief Agri’s solutions, but also highlights the power of collaboration in achieving remarkable outcomes in the field of agriculture.

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