Commercial Bins

Offering more commercial roof options – including peak load capacity of up to 50,000 lbs. (22,680kg) on Chief’s larger bins!

Commercial Grain Bin








Chief grain bins are available with a wide range of standard and optional roofs to meet your desired peak loading capacity.  Heavy duty commercial roof designs are available for your specific operation and are designed for specific snow loads and seismic conditions for your geographic location.   Peak Rings 50,000 lb load roof

A 50K roof option is available which can increase peak load capacity to 50,000 lbs (22,680kg) on CB30 and CB34 bins.

Peak Loading 50,000 lb load roof





Utilizing upgraded peak loads may eliminate additional costs associated with support towers and catwalks!

50K roofs with a 72" (182.88cm) or 144" (365.76cm) peak ring will support most conveyors with capacity up to 60,000 BPH (1,524 MTH). This eliminates spanning a catwalk or truss across the bin roof and installing an additional support tower and catwalk.

50K roof promotes faster fill times!

With its larger peak load capacities, the commercial grain bin 50K roof with a 144" (365.76cm) peak ring will allow customers to use larger capacity conveyors for quicker fill times. 

Interlocking "J" rib designRoof panels feature interlocking “J” rib design

Roof panels that utilize a 2.5” (6.35cm) interlocking J-Rib design provide reduced construction time while maintaining outstanding strength.

Grain entrapment prevention

All Chief commercial series bins come equipped with anchorage points at the bin peak and manhole to provide safety tie-off points for anyone entering the silo.

Safety AccessChief bins offer safety and timesaving features

Chief Agri takes the safety of your employees seriously with features that make the hardest jobs easier! All items listed are of galvanized steel. 

Ladders, platforms, and safety cages 

Chief commercial bins offer standard galvanized inside/outside ladders. Platforms and safety cages for the ladders are standard and meet OSHA standards.

Padlocked ladder access
Padlocked ladder access

This safety feature prevents unauthorized people from accessing and climbing the silo ladders. 


Roof Ladder access
Roof stairs with guardrails

Stairs with guardrails make accessing various points along the bin roof and the roof peak safer and more convenient.

Mid-roof and eave walk-around platforms

These platforms feature a guardrail and offer ample width for easy maneuverability, making it easier and safer to maintain the bin roof vents and roof exhaust fans.

NOTE: Use of mid-roof and eave walk-around platforms must be approved by Chief Agri according to the application and geographic location of the grain silo.

Roof Peak PlatformPlatforms for Peak Rings

The peak of the roof can now be accessed more safely and easily with platforms that meet OSHA requirements. They have ample width for easy maneuverability, and a guardrail for increased security.

Roof Inspection Door
Roof inspection door is accessible from eave platform

Chief offers single-tier and two-tier eave platforms. Both allow personnel to safely remain standing while inspecting the grain through the roof inspection door.


Accessories: Doors, side draw systems, vents, roof exhausters

Chief offers one- and two-ring sidewall entry doors with easy-latch system for unobstructed entry

The easy latch system allows for unobstructed entry without the need to remove cross ties, tie rods, or tie bars. Door frames are hot-dip galvanized for superior corrosion resistance. 

  • One-ring doors measure 26” (66cm) wide by 26” (66cm) tall. 
  • Two-ring doors measure 26” (66cm) wide by 50” (127cm) tall. 

Optional drive-in bobcat door

This convenient access door measures 7’-1” (2.16m) wide by 8’-8” (2.64m) tall and is hot-dip galvanized for superior corrosion resistance.

One Ring Sidewall Access Door One Ring Door

Two Ring Sidewall Access Door Two Ring Walk Through Door

Bobcat Sidewall Access DoorOptional Drive-In Bobcat Door

Side Draw UnloadPatented side draw design increases strength and unload speeds

With Chief’s side draw system, truck or rail load-out stations can be integrated into the facility design.  These load-out points can operate at capacities of up to 40,000 bushels/hour (1200 MT/H). The improved commercial grain bin side draw system reinforces the silo wall and directs the grain from the ceiling to floor.  In addition, bridging of the grain mass is prevented by specifically designed intake openings to evenly redistribute grain.

There are 3 side draw options to meet your needs

(Bushel/hour is based on tests involving runs of average grade corn.) 

14” (35.56cm) Spout – 10,000 BPH (300 MTPH) 

18” (45.72cm) Spout – 20,000 BPH (600 MTPH)

24” (60.96cm) Spout – 40,000 BPH (1,200 MTPH)

Vents and roof exhausters

Chief offers the industry’s most complete exhaust line. All vents install easily and are designed to minimize build-up of ice and foreign materials.          Mushroom Vent  1/2 HP & 2 HP Exhauster  Goose Neck Bin Vent

  • Mushroom Vent 
  • 1/2 HP & 2 HP Exhausters Available
  • Goose Neck Bin Vent                                                       

Sidewall system with “W” stiffeners gives Chief grain bins unparalleled strength and durability

“W” Stiffeners lead the competition in strength!

W StiffenersChief’s exclusive exterior “W” stiffener is nearly twice as strong as the closest competing stiffener, allowing sidewall heights to exceed 100'-0" (30.48m). It also enables our grain silos to easily support overhead catwalks and conveyors.

Plate-to-plate connections provide positive load transfer down the stiffener column, eliminating complex shear load splicing. Unique “W” staggered stiffeners on the bin’s exterior help reduce grain accumulations on the inside of the silo walls. 

Corrugated MaterialStrength and Durability

Chief produces high quality corrugated sidewalls from steel with a tensile strength of 70 ksi (483 MPa).   The sidewalls provided with 5/16 and 7/16 inch grade 8 bolts with conical sealing washers and serrated flange nuts.

Chief expects your bin to be around a long time. To that end, Chief provides bins with the following coatings as standard:

  • Roofs sheets with a G140 (425 g/m2) galvanized coating. (56% thicker coating compared to G90) 
  • Sidewall Sheets & Stiffeners with a G115 (350 g/m2) galvanized coating. (28% thicker coating compared to G90 (275 g/m2)
  • Bolts and serrated nuts with a 1000 hour salt spray test coating.

Reduced assembly time

Chief’s unique 42.4" (107.7 cm) sidewall sections require fewer rings, seams, and stiffeners than the 32" (81.28 cm) sidewall sections of competing bins. When combined with our exclusive “W” stiffener, Chief bins offer unsurpassed strength while reducing costly assembly time.

Wind and seismic upgrades available

All Chief grain bins meet ASCE 7-10 codes and are designed with the seismic zone of your geographic area in mind. Chief grain bins can be upgraded to withstand winds up to 140 mph (225 km/ht).

Heavy Anchor System

Anchor system provides solid base

Chief’s positive anchor design ties the sidewall solidly to the foundation to allow for single-pass sweeps. This also provides strong resistance to lateral movement and uplift.


Grain storage monitoring systemGrain storage monitoring systems

Chief Agri is a distributor of highly sophisticated grain storage monitoring products, ranging from simple handheld monitoring units to complete computer-controlled grain management systems.

Grain Unload Systems 

To complete your system needs, Chief Agri can provide a full line of Sudenga commercial grain unloading equipment for your grain management system.  To conform to safety regulations in large commercial operations and provide increased security, Chief recommends the D-Series Zero Entry sweep augers with options for automation, which are available for all of our Chief bin models.



Sizes and Capacities

Model 30D CB 12 - 37' 1" (11.3 m) Diameter
Model 30D CB 13 - 40' 3" (12.3 m) Diameter
Model 30D CB 14 - 43' 4" (13.2 m) Diameter
Model 30D CB 16 - 49' 6" (15.1 m) Diameter
Model 30D CB 18 - 55' 8" (17 m) Diameter
Model 30D CB 20 - 61' 10 " (18.8 m) Diameter
Model 30D CB 22 - 68' 1" (20.8 m) Diameter
Model 30D CB 24 - 74' 3" (22.6 m) Diameter
Model 30D CB 26 - 80' 5" (24.5 m) Diameter
Model 30D CB 30 - 92' 10" (28.3 m) Diameter
Model 30D CB 34 - 105' 2" (32 m) Diameter
Model 30D CB 45 - 139' 3" (42.4 m) Diameter