Nowadays, farmers are fortunate to live in a time when they can find a diversity of suppliers. It used to be that what was available from your local supplier was what you got. Nowadays, the digital marketplace means finding product options is easier than ever. But, with so many companies vying for your hard-earned money, how do you know whom to buy from?

In the ag industry the stakes are high. Farmers can’t stay competitive by relying on some poorly made grain storage or aeration solution that may fail and need to be replaced.

That’s why for over 60 years, farmers have relied on products from Chief Agri for their farming operations. There are five main reasons farmers have put their faith in Chief products for so many decades. 

Chief Agri is trusted

Chief Industries began in the garage of founder Virgil Eihusen back in 1954 as he launched a small residential construction company. A few years later, he began working with grain bins and steel farm buildings, which Chief Industries produces to this day. Today, this family-owned, people-first manufacturer boasts seven unique brands, including Chief Agri. For over 60 years, the company has expanded and diversified strategically to incorporate new ways of serving its customers. That diversity of specialties provides a stable foundation that farmers can count on today and into the future.

The products are tested

Over Chief’s 60-year existence, the company has fine-tuned the process of creating grain storage and handling products and services. With a wealth of experience plus expert engineers who develop solutions that serve the customer, Chief’s products stand the tests of modern engineering and time.

Beth Frerichs, Chief Industries’ director of marketing and communications, says, “Our engineers ensure that not only do we have a product that’s a good value to our customers, but something that is stable and our farmers can trust over time. As a result, our customers can feel confident that if they purchase our product, it could be a lifetime purchase for their family farm or co-op.″

In addition, Chief’s engineers continuously innovate and upgrade the products allowing farmers to have the most cutting-edge products to stay ahead of the curve.


It’s not only Chief’s products that farmers have put their faith in for the past 60 years; it’s the people who make the company. So when the Chief team says they’ll deliver a solution, you can trust them to follow through and provide you with the high-quality products you need on time. Though Chief Industries is a global corporation, the company is still family-owned and -operated. The Eihusen family carries on the legacy of providing a valued line of quality grain storage solutions for any scale farming operation.

Relationships matter

Chief’s staff understand the power of relationships and put the needs of the customer and farming community at the center of everything they do. 

This people-oriented culture means every dealer cultivates personal connections with the community, and farmers know that they can call or text their Chief representative anytime to troubleshoot issues or discuss projects.

Unmatched expertise supports your operations

Chief Agri values learning from you, the farmers. The staff always know what’s going on in the industry because they are connected with farmers with boots on the ground, and Chief has industry leaders on staff who understand the industry, agricultural practices and customers. Without that foundational knowledge of how farms work and what customers need for grain handling and storage, Chief wouldn’t be able to engineer the perfect solutions for farmers. That’s why Chief offers custom, scalable products, because they know one size doesn’t fit all and every farming operation is as unique as the farmer.

Chief’s core values drive the company’s success. They put people first, listen to their customers, and leverage deep expertise to create grain storage solutions and connect customers with precisely what they need on their farms. Chief Agri has been around for over 60 years to serve farmers’ needs, and with the approach of being trusted, tested and true in everything Chief does, you can count on them today and for decades to come.

“Our company exists to provide unparalleled personal attention to meeting the needs of our customers. It has been our pleasure and honor in providing just that to the farming community that supports the world in a most impressive way.  To have the opportunity in providing products and services to the producer for almost 70 years truly shows that Chief is: Trusted. Tested. True.” said DJ Eihusen, president and CEO of Chief Industries.


-written by Amy Carpenter-Driscoll, Brand Ave. Studios contributing writer